Chronic Fatigue

I am committed to working with patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because it seems modern medicine has so few answers. Whilst all Chronic Fatigue is characterised by severe and long lasting fatigue that is not relieved by rest or sleep and much worse after exertion or exercise, there is no ‘magic bullet’ that offers a cure or even relief from these devastating symptoms. The full list of symptoms is vast and not everyone experiences all of them. This list of symptoms is partly why patients who have this syndrome experience considerable improvements with homeopathy. Homeopathy treats the person with a big focus on the precise nature of symptoms.

Homeopaths take a lot of time to understand why you are ill. In my experience there is rarely one reason but several, and we unpick the possible causes of  how you became ill  together. I am guided by you and specific details of your CFS symptoms, your state of health before you became ill, past illnesses, any bacterial and viral infections you have had, and medications you have taken to date.

Using various homeopathic methodologies I tailor the treatment to what will benefit you the most. I will usually give you a ‘constitutional’ remedy which is patient focused and is chosen to suit both your physical and emotional picture. Sometimes I use CEASE therapy and this involves supporting the systems and organs of elimination with homeopathy so you are ready to gently detox any substances that may have made you ill. This is often very helpful in CFS and one of the reasons I learnt CEASE therapy. CEASE therapy is a form of homeopathy that works by eliminating the harmful effects of medicine or other substances. It doesn’t matter when you were exposed to this substance, people can have a really positive reaction to this process, even years later. I also use tissue salts to support the body at a cellular level and sometimes recommend flower essences that  balance the mood and lift the person on an  emotional level. 

How long it takes to get well again can vary from person to person. If you have been ill for 10 years for example, it is most definitely possible to feel well again, but it’s important to have a realistic time frame in mind. I believe you can  dramatically improve the quality of your life using homeopathy and would love to be by your side on your journey to recovery. I tend to see people every 3-4 weeks initially and then longer gaps between appointments as you get better.

"After a serious case of food poisoning I was prescribed a drug that I had a serious reaction to. The side effects caused me long term illness which included Chronic Fatigue. Since then, I am unable to tolerate prescription drugs. Last year I went to see Kathryn for homeopathic treatment. I didn't expect a lot of change, but since seeing her, there has been a truly amazing improvement. My quality of life is so much better now. Kathryn is warm, welcoming and a very good listener. And she seems to know just the right remedy to prescribe every time I go. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is thorough, patient and understanding. What more could anyone ask for !"
Elizabeth, London
“I went to see Kathryn after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, following a bout of Glandular fever. My symptoms included complete fatigue, dizzy spells, queasiness and flu like symptoms. I saw Kathryn over a period of several months, where Kathryn looked at each symptom and treated me accordingly, and slowly helped me back to health. So much so that after being unable to work for 5 months, I was able to return to work. Thank you Kathryn.”
Jane Q, Hove
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