90% Improvement In Eczema after 2 Homeopathic Prescriptions

I meet this little chap two months ago. Archie is 16 months old. He comes into my consultation room and his eyes light up. He is delighted to be somewhere new and can’t wait to touch every single thing in here.

His parents have been referred by their friend. They no longer want to use the steroid creams they  reluctantly using to manage his eczema to date.

In some cases of infant eczema I recommend changing the milk but his parents have already changed from cow’s milk to almond milk and there is no improvement.

We start from the beginning. When did Archie’s eczema start ? I observe the appearance of his eczema,  the areas affected and what makes his eczema better or worse. Is it dry or does it bleed ? What time of day does he scratch the most ? These details give me an idea of the homeopathic remedy that will match Archie’s symptoms to bring about a cure.

Archie’s shoulders and back are the areas most affected but he also has red patches on his legs, tummy and torso.

At night he rubs his back against his mattress to gain relief from the itchiness and this makes his  eczema bleed.

Archie tears around my room like a ball of fire. He is fearless and must touch everything as he explores my room.  The only time Archie slows down is to wiggle and rub his back on furniture to get relief from the itchiness. And he does this a lot.

I enquire about Archie’s overall health which is good. He has a hearty appetite and looks robust and strong.

I ask what sort of things upset this lovely, bright eyed chap. His parents tell me he doesn’t like being laid down, even to have his nappy changed. He also doesn’t like it when things are taken away from him but I notice he is easily distracted.

For the most part he is happy and rarely cries, even when itchy.  

I ask if there is anything that bothers him ?

Does he mind getting messy or dirty I ask ? His parents tell me he loves it !

Based on this information I prescribe a remedy to be taken twice a week.

I see Archie 4 weeks later. His eczema is about 60% better.

I prescribe the same remedy in a higher potency to be taken once a week.

When I see him 4 weeks later Archie’s eczema is about 90% better and his parents are thrilled with the improvement.

I go through all aspects of his health again and prescribe the same remedy in a higher potency.

Just 3 pills to be given over 2 days and that is all.

I ask the parents to get in touch if Archie relapses but I am optimistic I wont see him for sometime.

I have been using homeopathy for 14 years and still find this natural system of medicine awe inspiring. I love the way homeopathy brings relief to the most stubborn conditions gently and without side effects.

If you would like more information about homeopathy and the treatment of eczema please get in touch. I’d love to help and offer a free 15 minute consultation so you can ask any questions you may have.