I offer effective and safe treatment for Eczema, Acne and Hormonal conditions and see people with all sorts of other conditions too. When working with people I typically expect to see improvements within 2-3 consultations. There are a vast amount of homeopathic remedies at our finger tips and a few of these remedies will bring lasting relief to the condition you have.

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About Kathryn

I first discovered this incredible system of medicine 16 years ago when my eldest son had eczema as a baby.

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Specific Symptoms


Healing eczema naturally  without hydrocortisone cream is possible.

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An effective and gentle way of healing your acne without  unwanted side effects.

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Hot Flushes

Menopause is a natural life stage but it does present some big challenges.

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"My daughter was having colds and flus since she started nursery. At one point I was even considering pulling her out because I thought that getting such a high temperature and being so sick was just not worthwhile.  In the past she had two episodes of high temperature and heavy wet coughs when she would be coughing for an hour or more and she just couldn't get any relief.
To me it was incredibly important to help her to a better health, not least because I wanted to go back to work and with my daughter one week in the nursery and another off because of sickness that was not a viable option.
In the past she responded well to homeopathic remedies which I self prescribed therefore seeking a homeopathic practitioner was a natural choice.
Kathryn is very welcoming and listened to my complaints and my daughters symptoms and her overall characteristics and decided on a remedy. She also advised on a method of taking the remedy for the best effect.
I followed the instructions and my daughter's symptoms were relieved within days. I feel incredibly happy she can go to nursery now and I can reliably go about my trainings and a pending job. This was previously impossible because she was one week in the nursery and one week off and like this for months and months.
My gratitude goes to Kathryn for her kind approach and skills to listen and find the right remedy. Her office is also very well equipped for a child to engage in play.
I wish all the best for you and thank you again."
Irena, Lancing
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