I offer effective and safe treatment for Eczema, Acne and Hormonal conditions and see people with all sorts of other conditions too. When working with people I typically expect to see improvements within 2-3 consultations. There are a vast amount of homeopathic remedies at our finger tips and a few of these remedies will bring lasting relief to the condition you have.

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About Kathryn

I first discovered this incredible system of medicine 16 years ago when my eldest son had eczema as a baby.

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Specific Symptoms


Healing eczema naturally  without hydrocortisone cream is possible.

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An effective and gentle way of healing your acne without  unwanted side effects.

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Hot Flushes

Menopause is a natural life stage but it does present some big challenges.

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"I was desperate to get rid of all the pains and symptoms of Fibromyalgia that I had had for 2 years. I was therefore overjoyed at the results. After only 3 months all my IBS symptoms and nearly all the aches and pains of fibromyalgia have disappeared.  I have also had some SCIO sessions and found I am intolerant to wheat and have cut down with very good results. Kathryn is professional, intuitive and empathetic and a gentle person to deal with. I am grateful to have her in my future and am now a great believer in homeopathy."
Sue, Worthing
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