I am committed to working with patients with Eczema because I know modern medicine has no cure. This is because eczema is a symptom of a deeper cause. I have a good idea and understanding of how many creams, dietary changes and avoidance of allergens you have explored and I hear you when you tell me the itching is unbearable.  To help you heal your eczema I seek to understand you as a whole. Physically and emotionally. It's a process. There isn't one magic remedy to cure everyone's eczema. But there is a remedy that will be healing for you and your eczema. That's where the magic is.

I will ask you what time of day or night it feels worse and what factors seem to trigger a flare up. Is your eczema wet or dry ? Does it weep or bleed ? Is there a tendency for it to crack or flake ? I will ask you to take photos of your eczema at the beginning of treatment and in between appointments to so we can assess your progress together.

How long it takes to heal can vary from person to person. If you have had eczema for 20 years for example, it is most definitely possible to heal your eczema, but it’s important to have a realistic time frame in mind. It is likely to take longer than a 1 year old baby who has had eczema for 6 months. I truly believe homeopathy is the most effective healing modality in the treatment of eczema and feel confident in the knowledge that homeopathy is safe and without side effects. I tend to see people every 4 weeks initially and then longer gaps between appointments as you get better.

“I went to see Kathryn after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, following a bout of Glandular fever. My symptoms included complete fatigue, dizzy spells, queasiness and flu like symptoms. I saw Kathryn over a period of several months, where Kathryn looked at each symptom and treated me accordingly, and slowly helped me back to health. So much so that after being unable to work for 5 months, I was able to return to work. Thank you Kathryn.”
Jane Q, Hove
"After a serious case of food poisoning I was prescribed a drug that I had a serious reaction to. The side effects caused me long term illness which included Chronic Fatigue. Since then, I am unable to tolerate prescription drugs. Last year I went to see Kathryn for homeopathic treatment. I didn't expect a lot of change, but since seeing her, there has been a truly amazing improvement. My quality of life is so much better now. Kathryn is warm, welcoming and a very good listener. And she seems to know just the right remedy to prescribe every time I go. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is thorough, patient and understanding. What more could anyone ask for !"
Elizabeth, London
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