Data protection policy

As registered homeopaths, by law we must keep our patient records for the following periods of time. Patient / client records shall be kept for at least 7 years following the last occasion on which treatment was given. Children's records will be kept at least 7 years after they reach  age 18. EFT client records will be kept for the same above periods. All patients, clients, and guardians will be required to sign a consent form for their contact details to be kept on Homeopathy Worthing's email database. Clients who have opted to receive Homeopathy Worthing's newsletter may unsubscribe at any time. Backup copies of their data will be password protected and kept secure. Patient records are held securely in a locked, filing cabinet and are only accessible by your practitioner. At no time will patient records be shared with any third party outside of the practice. The data records and data protection policy will be audited annually.
Homeopathy Worthing is ICO registered.
The purpose of this site is to share information only.
It is not a substitute for medical treatment. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose conditions.
Homeopathy treats symptoms and improves wellness on every level.