Your initial consultation usually takes an hour and 15 minutes.  During this time I will ask you to tell me all about yourself. I will be interested in your symptoms and  how you experience them, but also you as an individual. The information you share will allow me to assess your specific symptoms and understand your condition so that I may select one or two of suitable remedies for you. The remedy I prescribe will reflect all of you, not just your physical symptoms but your mental and emotional responses too.

Everything you share during the consultation is kept in complete confidence. I will take a detailed case history and information about your past medical history.  Please tell me about any drugs prescribed by your doctor and any supplements you are taking so I can work alongside your GP or other practitioners. This will ensure you receive the best possible care. Homeopathy can be taken safely alongside any other medications you are taking and is completely safe for children and during pregnancy.
Most remedies are included in the consultation fee. 

Please note
When working by Skype I charge £5 for postage and packaging of your remedies.



Initial consultation 1.5 hours – £110 $165 or 135 Euros
Thereafter 45 minutes – £75, $115 or 95 Euros


Initial consultation 1h £85 $130 or 110 Euros
Thereafter 30 minutes – £65 $105 or 85 Euros

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SCIO Bioresonance Therapy

This is a sophisticated device, that analyses and detects stress in the body by measuring electro physiological reactions and patterns. It indicates where the person is most in need of support by checking the energetic profile of bodily organs and systems and then suggests which toxins, pathogens and intolerances may be affecting the person and causing symptoms. I believe SCIO is a fantastic tool in my practice because it helps me make more informed choices about courses of treatment. I am passionate about health and well being and believe the human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself when given the right conditions.

It is my aim help you  improve your health on every level. I encourage you to take care of yourself by understanding what you need, and then making the correct choices on a daily basis.

I continue to learn and update my knowledge by attending lectures and tutorials regularly about all aspects of natural health and receive regular homeopathic supervision.


Initial consultation 1.5 hours – £90  

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"I have had SCIO Bioresonance and homeopathy with Kathryn and it has been absolutely excellent. I enjoy talking to her and receiving the Bioresonance treatment and have had great results with the remedies and supplements she has supplied."
Mary-Jane, Haywards Heath
"I was desperate to get rid of all the pains and symptoms of Fibromyalgia that I had had for 2 years. I was therefore overjoyed at the results. After only 3 months all my IBS symptoms and nearly all the aches and pains of fibromyalgia have disappeared.  I have also had some SCIO sessions and found I am intolerant to wheat and have cut down with very good results. Kathryn is professional, intuitive and empathetic and a gentle person to deal with. I am grateful to have her in my future and am now a great believer in homeopathy."
Sue, Worthing
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