"After a serious case of food poisoning I was prescribed a drug that I had a serious reaction to. The side effects caused me long term illness which included Chronic Fatigue. Since then, I am unable to tolerate prescription drugs. Last year I went to see Kathryn for homeopathic treatment. I didn't expect a lot of change, but since seeing her, there has been a truly amazing improvement. My quality of life is so much better now. Kathryn is warm, welcoming and a very good listener. And she seems to know just the right remedy to prescribe every time I go. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is thorough, patient and understanding. What more could anyone ask for !"
Elizabeth, London
"I’ve suffered with ovulation pains after I had my son in 2012 and my symptoms have got steadily worse. I was recommended to Kat by a friend who swore by homeopathy. Kat is lovely and I had an in depth consultation of my symptoms which included back pain, lower abdominal pain and pain down my side depending which side I was ovulating on. These symptoms would last for a week each month. I have been having treatment, this being my third month and my first month of not having any ovulation pains at all. Nothing for the first time in years.  Long may it continue."
Nicky, Worthing
"My daughter was having colds and flus since she started nursery. At one point I was even considering pulling her out because I thought that getting such a high temperature and being so sick was just not worthwhile.  In the past she had two episodes of high temperature and heavy wet coughs when she would be coughing for an hour or more and she just couldn't get any relief.
To me it was incredibly important to help her to a better health, not least because I wanted to go back to work and with my daughter one week in the nursery and another off because of sickness that was not a viable option.
In the past she responded well to homeopathic remedies which I self prescribed therefore seeking a homeopathic practitioner was a natural choice.
Kathryn is very welcoming and listened to my complaints and my daughters symptoms and her overall characteristics and decided on a remedy. She also advised on a method of taking the remedy for the best effect.
I followed the instructions and my daughter's symptoms were relieved within days. I feel incredibly happy she can go to nursery now and I can reliably go about my trainings and a pending job. This was previously impossible because she was one week in the nursery and one week off and like this for months and months.
My gratitude goes to Kathryn for her kind approach and skills to listen and find the right remedy. Her office is also very well equipped for a child to engage in play.
I wish all the best for you and thank you again."
Irena, Lancing
"I spoke to Kathryn about my acne on my face, chest and upper arms. I explained that I thought it was from hormones as it got worse during periods of my cycle. I've had it on and off from a young age but after having children I found it got worse to the point it was playing on my self confidence and making me anxious as to what others could see. With Kathryn's help and support and a variety of treatments we worked together using homeopathy and it has reduced my acne to nearly none what so ever and given me my confidence back. I can't thank Kathryn enough and would most definitely recommend her to any friends or family.
George, Worthing
“I had suffered from insomnia for a number of years. Earlier this year it became worse and was having an effect on my day to day life. After my first session with Kathryn I had one of the best nights sleep I had had in a long while. Kathryn prescribed me a course of homeopathic remedies which improved my sleep pattern enormously. I would certainly consult Kathryn again and would recommend her to anyone who has not tried homeopathy before."
Ann, Worthing
“Kathryn saw both our children with different symptoms. Our 12 year old daughter was suffering with headaches and our 11 year old was having some emotional issues. They were treated by Kathryn with homeopathic remedies and both have made significant improvements. Kathryn has a sensitive and caring approach which made the children feel at ease able to open up and share their issues."
Sally, West Sussex
"I have had SCIO Bioresonance and homeopathy with Kathryn and it has been absolutely excellent. I enjoy talking to her and receiving the Bioresonance treatment and have had great results with the remedies and supplements she has supplied."
Mary-Jane, Haywards Heath
"I booked an appointment with Kathryn when my daughter was diagnosed with silent reflux. Within weeks my daughter went from screaming after feeds to being calm and contented after a bottle. Kathryn was also able to help with other digestive issues and offered extra advice. My daughter rarely has reflux now and it was the help of Kathryn that we could overcome it so quickly."
Jo, Worthing
“I went to see Kathryn after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, following a bout of Glandular fever. My symptoms included complete fatigue, dizzy spells, queasiness and flu like symptoms. I saw Kathryn over a period of several months, where Kathryn looked at each symptom and treated me accordingly, and slowly helped me back to health. So much so that after being unable to work for 5 months, I was able to return to work. Thank you Kathryn.”
Jane Q, Hove
"I was experiencing the most awful hot flushes as a symptom of the menopause. As breast cancer ran in my family I was aware that HRT would not be advisable. A friend recommended that I see Kat for a consultation. I was very sceptical of Homeopathy having had no experience of this type of therapy and not really knowing anything about it. To my amazement, within days, my hot flushes had completely stopped; no one could have been more surprised than myself at the almost instant relief from uncomfortable flushes. I continued to see Kat for general wellbeing from fear of flying to creating a balance between work and family. I have always found Kat to be very easy to talk to, kind and understanding as well as professional."

Lisa, Worthing
“I knew I was getting more and more stressed and depressed and I wasn’t sleeping. Within days of starting the remedies I was sleeping better, my constant heartburn was gone and I felt more confident and positive about work. Kathryn, you really turned my life around. Thank you!"
Susie, Littlehampton
"I was desperate to get rid of all the pains and symptoms of Fibromyalgia that I had had for 2 years. I was therefore overjoyed at the results. After only 3 months all my IBS symptoms and nearly all the aches and pains of fibromyalgia have disappeared.  I have also had some SCIO sessions and found I am intolerant to wheat and have cut down with very good results. Kathryn is professional, intuitive and empathetic and a gentle person to deal with. I am grateful to have her in my future and am now a great believer in homeopathy."
Sue, Worthing
"I have been receiving Homeopathic treatment for hormonal related issues, especially Migraines and Adult Acne. I have seen a fantastic improvement in both these areas with dramatically reduced migraines and the clearest skin I have had for years. I now turn to homeopathy for a number of health or emotional problems. Kathryn is a wonderful Homeopath and has made a huge difference to my physical and emotional well being. Thank you."

Naomi, Worthing
"I consulted Kathryn after experiencing hot flushes day and night. I cannot have HRT as I have a family history of breast cancer. Kathryn arranges a FaceTime/Skype consultation which was super easy and listened to my concerns. She recommended some remedies to try and now I’m feeling so much better. I have less hot flushes and feel more positive. I would definitely recommend her."
Andrea, Yorkshire
"I have taken my son to see Kathryn since he was a newborn and couldn’t recommend her enough. She is so understanding and really takes the time to listen to any concerns and I feel she really knows us and understands our approach to parenting. After seeing Kathryn, a cough that my son had hanging around for weeks was gone in only a few days. She has also helped with his teething pain and as well as putting our minds at ease on his overall health."
Emma, Worthing

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