Hot Flushes

Hot flushes are one of the most common complaints that  women experiencing the menopause contact me about. One of the things that bothers them the most is that they feel as though they have no control over when they will get a hot flush. They are concerned they will get one during the upcoming presentation at work and will others will notice? Will it be so intense they need to leave the room? For others it is a lack of sleep, because of drenching night sweats, and they cant imagine having another decent nights sleep again. They want to know how long is this phase of their life going to last? Whilst hot flushes are a commonly experienced symptom they can make women feel anxious and fed up.

Menopause is a natural life stage but it does present some big challenges. Menstrual irregularities and changes, weight gain, joint pains, lack of energy and palpitations to name only a few.

It seems that the pace and toxicity of modern living is contributing to the tougher time many women are experiencing compared to other generations. I enjoy treating women going through this stage of life as there is so much that can be done to alleviate their symptoms and make this transition smoother. I am happy in the knowledge that homeopathy offers effective and SAFE solutions to the symptoms you are experiencing. I ask you to tell me about your condition and the characteristics of your symptoms and I also invite you to tell me a bit about yourself. This gives me a lot of information and guides me towards the remedies that will suit you. I often prescribe a remedy that suits your whole constitution and general state of health. The other remedy will support or condition where necessary. 

There are many remedies that are well known to have an affinity with certain aspects of our health. For example Cardus Marianas is a homeopathic remedy made from Milk Thistle and has a great reputation for supporting and conditioning the liver. Key note, patient feels worse first thing in the morning and doesn’t digest greasy food well. Avena sativa can be helpful in those who feel exhausted all the time with a tendency to panic as it has a big affinity with our adrenals. I could go on as the list is endless. I seek to understand where the imbalance lies and tailor the prescription to address that imbalance and 4 weeks later we assess how you are feeling and adjust the prescription when we need to.

"I consulted Kathryn after experiencing hot flushes day and night. I cannot have HRT as I have a family history of breast cancer. Kathryn arranges a FaceTime/Skype consultation which was super easy and listened to my concerns. She recommended some remedies to try and now I’m feeling so much better. I have less hot flushes and feel more positive. I would definitely recommend her."
Andrea, Yorkshire
"I was experiencing the most awful hot flushes as a symptom of the menopause. As breast cancer ran in my family I was aware that HRT would not be advisable. A friend recommended that I see Kat for a consultation. I was very sceptical of Homeopathy having had no experience of this type of therapy and not really knowing anything about it. To my amazement, within days, my hot flushes had completely stopped; no one could have been more surprised than myself at the almost instant relief from uncomfortable flushes. I continued to see Kat for general wellbeing from fear of flying to creating a balance between work and family. I have always found Kat to be very easy to talk to, kind and understanding as well as professional."

Lisa, Worthing
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