A great improvement

The improvement in these little legs is after 8 weeks and 2 homeopathic prescriptions. The eczema is now fully healed and there is no trace of the more severely affected areas either. She hasn't needed to use hydrocortisone creams at all. My patient's mummy is delighted her daughter is now having daily bowel movements and is much happier to sit on the toilet. She's not experiencing any pain now. At the third appointment she mentioned her daughter had missed the odd day on the toilet and she has observed the bowel / skin connection. She is concerned her daughter's skin will worsen as a result of this and asks if she should go back to taking the daily remedy to support her daughter's gut health. I understand why she is asking this question but homeopathy isn't anything like a steroid cream. You don't have to keep taking the remedy to maintain the results. It's also worth mentioning had the patient continued with Hydrocortisone creams she wouldn't have experienced the improvement in her bowel habits.

The great thing about homeopathy is that is stimulates our own healing potential for lasting improvements. Those little white pills remind our 'vital force' of what to do to stay well. So whilst you may need a few prescriptions initially to improve a skin condition you don't need to keep taking homeopathy to keep your skin condition at bay. The remedy has already worked it's wonders. And in this particular case improved the patient's gut flora too. We understand this to be the case as the first remedy was a bowel nosode. It's a remedy that contains the energy of a bacteria found naturally in our bowels. And in homeopathy 'like cures like'.

This patient also has another condition. Recurrent tonsillitis. She has had a couple of sore throats with a temperature in the last couple of months too. Her Mum has commented they are not as severe and she has recovered from both bouts more quickly than usual. She did well on the remedy Silica as a first prescription and it seems a good constitutional remedy for her so we have repeated the remedy in a higher potency. Silica has an affinity with the tonsils, gut function, overall immune system and suits many of this little girl's symptoms and personal characteristics. To support her gut function further she is having a herbal blend made in a 3 x daily. I am optimistic tonsillitis will be a distant memory soon.

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