A Chronic Case Of Acne

Each Acne case is different because you are treating the person and how their Acne expresses itself.  

This is the story a patient I saw recently. Kate is new to Homeopathy and after 20 years of Acne was close to accepting that’s just how her skin is . But it was effecting her confidence so I was really pleased to be treating her. Her name has been changed and permission sought to share her story.

Kate is in her thirties and has had Acne since she was 9 years old when her periods started. Her Acne  got worse age 14 and her GP recommended taking the Contraceptive Pill which gave her Migraines. When she came off the pill she used antibiotics on and off for several years.

I am hopeful Homeopathy will heal her skin because  there are plenty of  different remedies to suit everyone and their unique symptoms. However, it’s important to have a realistic time frame in mind. If the person has had Acne for 20 years it’s unlikely that one Homeopathic prescription will give you back the skin you want. I recommended  SCIO Bioresonance Therapy for Kate as I felt it would give us some useful information.

Often we need to clear the effects of previous medications to see great and long lasting results and sometimes there are other issues that need resolving.  

I ask Kate to tell me about her Acne and we chat about the rest of her health too.

“My spots are all over my face, arms and chest”

“When a new spot comes up it can feel like I’ve been bitten. Then it goes hard and itchy when it comes to a head. They can have pus and be bloody. It feels rough and is always oily”  

Understandably Kate’s acne made her feel self conscious. SCIO Bioresonance Therapy recommended  improving Kate’s gut health and in particular her gut flora needed balancing.  Often the case in patients taking antibiotics. I recommended she take a probiotic and gave her a Homeopathic remedy to support her gut function. Homeopaths have a collection of remedies called Bowel Nosodes. These remedies are utterly brilliant when working with patients who have all sorts of skin conditions or bowel disorders. The other remedy is called Thuja. It is suited to those people with oily skin conditions who are also concerned about how others perceive them or their condition.  

I see Kate 4 weeks later. There is an improvement. She has less spots and they are less productive.

“Even around the time of her period” she comments.  She is happy with her progress and so am I.  We go through her whole case and her new symptoms.

The previous remedy had suited Kate and things are moving along nicely.  So we repeat the same remedy in a higher potency and I give her something to take daily to support her liver function.  

I see her 6 weeks later and her skin has changed.  She is still getting some spots but a lot less and says her skin is no longer oily. So Kate’s state has changed and we change her remedy to suit her new symptoms.

The fourth time I see Kate she tells me her skin is 60% better. And she has been antibiotic free for 5 months.  She has had a surge in her energy and is feeling more positive about everything. I give Kate a Miasmatic remedy.

At 6 months we speak and she tells me her skin is near perfect and she is feeling far more confident. I am delighted for her 😀

Our appearance can have a big impact on our self esteem.