Acne for past 11 years

I am passionate about helping patients get the skin they dream about. I used to have acne. So I know first hand that a skin condition on our face has a big effect on our confidence. No dietary changes were recommended for this lady. Her diet was already good and any changes she had already made hadn't improved her skin. And her skin care routine was good. What was needed were homeopathic remedies to reduce the effects of stress on her skin. We improved her gut function, balanced her hormones and reduced sebum production. Homeopaths do this by treating the whole person and bringing them back to their healthiest state.

Once she was no longer getting further breakouts we worked on the appearance of her skin to reduce any remaining scarring.
I saw this patient every 4 weeks for 8 months and was delighted to receive this review. We both agree the results were definitely worth it.