What Happens When You Take Antibiotics ?

As a homeopath, health is about more than managing a physical ailment with medication. It’s about wellness. And feeling as well as you can feel on every level, physically, emotionally and also having enough energy to do the things you love. Often people make an appointment to see me because they have tried conventional medicine and everything else and are close to giving up hope. They have taken endless courses of antibiotics and now fear the effects of antibiotics as much as they do their chronic ailment.

For a example, when a person experiencing a recurrent physical ailment such as a chest infection takes antibiotics, the antibiotic kills off the bacteria causing the chest infection. It also kills off a whole host of bacterium that form part of a healthy immune system. So nothing has changed. The person’s low state of health has stayed the same. Only now, as well as having a weakness in the respiratory tract, they have disturbed their immune system and upset the balance of bacterium in the gut and mucous membranes. This makes them more susceptible to future infections of all sorts. Antibiotics are life saving drugs and that is exactly how they should be used.  Homeopathy is a system of medicine that removes the person’s susceptibility to infection by improving the person’s health as a whole.

One of the differences between homeopathy and conventional medicine is homeopathy perceives our symptoms to be part of our cure.  It’s the reason your first homeopathic consultation can take up to an hour and a half. A homeopath observes and listens to all your symptoms, your emotional responses and life experience and prescribes a remedy based on how you experience that condition. In giving the homeopathic medicine that matches our individual symptoms our own healing potential is stimulated and we are restored to a better state of health. Physically, emotionally and energetically. It is the reason my patients often comment they are feeling more energetic than they have felt in years.

I understand this goes against the medical model most of us have bought in to. The one that believes symptoms are to be feared and suppressed.  One that advises fevers are to be stopped dead in their tracks with the use of paracetamol and that our hands need to be constantly coated in antiseptic gels for us to be safe in airports and hospitals. The belief that killer bugs are lurking around every corner, waiting to strike us down.

But what if this were only half the story and there was a better way to manage our health? A way that respects and supports our immune system instead of ignoring it’s plea for help by suppressing  symptoms?

What if you could heal that weakness in your chest, eliminate panic attacks and improve your flagging energy by taking a non toxic medicine that stimulates yourown healing potential? Does it sound too good to be true? Because of the old system you’ve grown up with? Ask your self how that’s working out for you. 

If you can hear, even a quiet voice telling you there is a better way to manage your health and improve your vitality get in touch. I can help.