Back To School Anxiety

Recent research shows 1 in 8 children experience anxiety or panic attacks. A common trigger is going back to school after a long break. It can evoke intense worry in children for different reasons. Most of us have experienced anticipatory anxiety about doing something new or different. Symptoms of anxiety include butterflies in our stomach, sweaty palms, a tight chest and a feeling that something could go terribly wrong. But when anxiety becomes more chronic, other symptoms can develop and this can have an impact on every day life.

Homeopathy can be so helpful in resolving these symptoms as it treats the whole person and their tendency towards anxiety. For some children it is the daily separation from their family, for others it will be anxiety about new surroundings, routines and getting lost. For others it may be the academic aspect of school and achievement. Or concerns about new teachers and class mates not liking them. Some children have a a lot of fear about getting something wrong. Children can also suffer with anxiety since a separation in the family or witnessing an accident or some other event in their life.

This is where homeopathy comes into its own. Homeopathy always treats the individual person so each child I see experiencing anxiety would probably need a different remedy. A homeopathic remedy does this by bringing us in to a state of balance again. Our more natural state. When we are in a state of good health we are able to rise to the challenge, feel excited about new pursuits, make decisions easily and feel optimistic about the future.

Homeopaths prescribe from a huge selection of remedies. So choosing a remedy that stimulates a curative effect needs careful consideration. As homeopathy treats the whole person, I am also interested in the child’s physical health and their medical history. This helps me understand which remedy will suit them best. I expect to see improvements within 2-3 appointments but often people feel completely better after one prescription. It depends on how long the person has been experiencing anxiety and other characteristics of their health. Homeopathy is a great solution as it is an effective and safe system of medicine. It doesn't produce any unwanted side effects and you can not become addicted to homeopathic medicine.

There are at least 15 remedies that I usually bear in mind when I am prescribing a remedy for a child experiencing anxiety.

These are 4 examples of remedies commonly used in the treatment of anxiety.

🙈 Argentum nitricum

Anxiety before a big event. It could be a party, an examination, an interview or performance.

Butterflies in the tummy or diarrhoea.

An unusual or irritating feeling in the throat.

Children needing this remedy may have a vivid imagination and do everything in a hurried manner when feeling anxious.

Have tendency to go over and over the same worries.

🙉 Arsenicum album

Children who feel anxious about their health and security and that of their loved ones.

They like to be in control of everything. They keep their stuff neatly and notice when people have moved things.

Have tendency towards asthma, diarrhoea and eczema.

They can enjoy doing a task but can experience anxiety if it’s not ‘perfect’.  

Illness or anxiety can often start after midnight.

🙈 Lycopodium

These children suffer with a great lack of confidence. In particular doing new things. Often once engaged in the task or pursuit they forget about their apprehensions and succeed well.

They can be fearful of children who are bigger or who they perceive to be stronger than them.

Can be bossy to those who they feel confident around.

Strong cravings for sugar and carbohydrates and become whiney and bad tempered when hungry.

Tendency towards headaches when they skip a meal.

Tummy aches and digestive disturbances

🙉Calc carbonica

Children prone to earaches, tonsillitis and constipation.

Children who feel anxious when their routine or environment changes.

They can be stubborn and like to do things in their own time.

Can get tired easily and be late in teething and reaching milestones.

Chilly with sweaty heads at night.

You may not recognise your child in any of these remedies. That’s okay because there are many others. Too many possible remedies to list for the purpose of this blog. My aim is to offer you insight about the support I can offer your child, using natural and holistic medicine to ensure a positive start to the school term and a more positive outlook generally.

I work at the Perrymount Clinic on a Wednesday and Friday. I also offer a free 15 minute consultation to allow me to introduce myself and for you to understand more about how I work.