"Dairy Makes My Spots Worse And Causes My Headaches"

I see a lot of people with Acne. In their teens, twenties and thirties. This lady was in her forty’s and permission has been sought to share her story. Sarah’s spots tended to be mainly around her chin area which often indicates a hormonal imbalance. I ask Sarah to tell me about her spots.

She says “They can take a while to come out and can feel quite bumpy under the skin. They don't usually come to a head and my skin can feel quite dry”  “They can take a while to get better”  Here there are lots of clues nodding to the Homeopathic remedy Silicea.

Sarah also wanted help with her headaches as they could  last for up to 5 days at a time. Her headaches  were usually  around the time of her period and pain killers didn’t help.  She also experienced other physical PMS symptoms.

Emotionally she was well, but what was is apparent more than anything,  Sarah is a person who cherishes her freedom and is very sensitive to her environment. If she was anywhere that made her feel hemmed in such as her work place with little natural light, she would feel worse. She shared a house where there were a few restrictions and she didn’t feel able to fully express herself.  She was at her best out walking in nature. Sarah felt dairy foods could trigger her headaches and worsen her spots and alcohol could too.

I gave her 2 remedies to take. One that suited her emotional responses and sensitivities and one that was more specific to the nature of her skin.

I saw Sarah once more after her first appointment and she had made excellent progress. No spots or headaches or any of the symptoms she had mentioned at her first appointment.

Sometimes it really is that easy for homeopathy to make a big difference to how someone feels.