Eczema for 20 years

These before and after photos were taken 8 weeks apart after two prescriptions.
Sandy has had eczema since a baby and has always managed it with hydrocortisone creams. She is now age 22 and the steroids are not having any effect so she is looking for another way to heal her skin.
The eczema is widespread and affects most parts of her body. It bleeds and cracks all year round. Until now she has been applying hydrocortisone creams twice daily.

We talk about all aspects of her health. She also has hay fever, regular stomach aches and a couple of headaches a week. She has very low energy levels and has been on anti depressants since losing a parent tragically.
I ask about her general mood. She feels neither happy nor sad. Just flat.
We talk about her confidence. She tells me
“I often feel spaced out, like I’m not in my own body”

We talk about her life experience and emotional responses and I prescribe 2 remedies. One that matches all her symptoms and another to detox the effects of the hydrocortisone creams.

I see her 4 weeks later. She hasn’t used any steroid cream and some nights she has been unbearably itchy. She had also had a high fever. This can happen during a detox but she in herself is feeling much better. Brighter, more energetic, less anxious, no stomach aches and only 1-2 headaches in 4 weeks. She is no longer feeling ‘spaced out’ and she has come off the anti depressants.
Minor improvements in her eczema at this stage but I’m pleased by the progress in other aspects of her health.

I prescribe another remedy that matches all her symptoms and we continue the steroid detox.
I see her 4 weeks later.
Her eczema is feeling and looking so much better and her overall health has improved further too.
There is still more homeopathy can do for this lady’s skin but for now the improvement is really pleasing.

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