Eczema in a baby

Hydrocortisone cream does provide relief from some eczema's but not everyone is happy to use it. This mum was looking for a natural alternative to cortisone cream. I'm so glad she did because this beautiful bubba had a 90% improvement in his eczema  6 weeks after his first homeopathic prescription.  His limbs and tummy were affected.

There were other symptoms that concerned his mum aside from his red, itchy skin. One being infant reflux, his sluggish bowels and he was on a prescribed infant formula. This was all taken into consideration before prescribing two remedies.

There have been big improvements in his gut health. He now moves his bowels every day and is less clammy.  This case illustrates really well how skin conditions are often reflecting what is going on in the gut.
His second homeopathic prescription is continuing to support his gut function and his mum is going to speak to his GP about weaning him off his reflux medication.
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