Guttate Psoriasis Before Treatment

This 18 year old man contacted me for help with Guttate Psoriasis which is an autoimmune condition affecting the skin. It was all over his body including his face. He didn’t want to take an immunosuppressant called Cyclosporin because of the serious side effects including potential liver damage and of course suppressing the immune system.

I prescribed a remedy to help resolve a trauma he experienced 18 months previously and a remedy that matched his physical and emotional symptoms. We meet again 4 weeks after the first prescription and the he tells me skin is 80% better. After the third prescription his psoriasis had completely disappeared. He kindly allowed me to share the photos he took. Fifteen years on I still get excited about the healing affects of these little white pills. Homeopathy treats the whole person and gently nudges the immune system back to health with no toxic side effects.