Holiday Anxiety

☀️Holiday Anxiety
So I wish I was a more relaxed and earthy kind of Mum but I’m not. The day before and the day we go on holiday I get anxious about all sorts of silly things and I just can’t help it. Small things like the boys having clipped their ridiculously long and dirty nails before we leave make me feel panicky inside 😦

The strange thing about this, is they are usually long and dirty, but somehow before we go on holiday it feels like they absolutely have to be short and clean. And I start triple checking everything and quizzing everyone I care about with regards to their holiday ‘readiness’ .
The remedy that helps pacify me, and obviously saves everyone around me when I go into this state is Arsenicum Album 30. It’s in the kit below. Useful for anxious, checking behaviour and being overly concerned for others. Strangely when I’m travelling with work I can pack for a 5 day trip in 20 minutes calmly, but somehow when we are going away as a family I’m convinced that we need to be prepared for every eventuality. Someone else who had a fear of flying the remedy might be Aconite or Arg-nit 30. Try taking one every couple of hours. (Also in the kit below).

In my kit are 18 homeopathic remedies that cover all sorts of first aid scenarios including bruises, sickness and diarrhoea, stings, coughs and earaches and much more.
Last year we used only 3 remedies. Ipecac for the boy’s food poisoning after eating heart shaped chicken nuggets ( they didn’t tell me they were green inside at the time because apparently they were hungry.)
Chamomilla for Barney’s earache. (He is in the pool every waking moment on holiday )
I also take Mullein Garlic oil for earaches and Activated charcoal is great for mopping up after sickness and diarrhoea, Aloe Vera gel is for sunburn.
We are unlikely to need all this but it makes me feel secure knowing that we have every thing we could need for minor ailments and can continue with our holiday without having to find a chemist or doctors.