Homeopathy For Hayfever

I have seen 7 patients this summer for hay fever treatment with great results. Recently I received this email from a happy patient after doing my 20 day prevention treatment

“The tablets have been working really well for me. I used to have an itchy face, my nose in particular, most of the year round. My eyes were puffy, I looked like I hadn’t slept and being around my dog just made it worse. There is a big difference in how I feel now. I am comfortable, I sleep well, and I feel a lot better in myself because of the improvements”

When working well, our immune system protects us from these allergens. When it perceives these substances as dangerous it over reacts and produces watery eyes, sneezing, congested nasal passages, headaches and sneezing.Everybody’s hay fever symptoms vary slightly and there are many remedies to match different symptom details.For mild to moderate symptoms these homeopathic remedies can work well and have no side effects at all. They are available to buy from health food shops or online athttps://www.helios.co.ukI also recommend a daily dose of a good quality vitamin C supplement and increasing your essential fatty acids. Have a read below to see if any of these remedies match your symptoms.

🌿Allium cepaNose runs like a tap. Discharge may make the nose sore, but the head feels better when the nose is running freely. Very congested nose and violent sneezing. Eyes may run too.

🌿ArsenicumWatery discharge from the nose. Burning pains in nose, eyes and throat. Feels better for warmth and warm drinks and becomes restless with all symptoms.

🌿EuphrasiaExtreme irritation, burning and itching of eyes. Eyes may be swollen. Causes constant blinking. Intense sneezing and tickly throat.

Take one 30c pill up to 4 times a day. Let the pill dissolve in your mouth and wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking. I hope one of these remedies helps. For intense symptoms and fast relief book an appointment. I’d love to share my 20 day programme with you including 2 bottles of pills to use for symptoms should they reoccur.