“I don’t want to go upstairs alone.”

“I don’t want to go upstairs alone.”

Will is age 9. He is brilliant at rugby and looks older than he is.

His Mum tells me “He has always been full of life but he’s not a great sleeper.”

As a younger child they had done a sleep clinic with Will but of late he was refusing to go upstairs alone and had become very scared of the dark. He would tell his Mum

“I’m sorry - I have so much fear in my body.”

He often gets a tummy ache after going upstairs and wants his Mum to stay with him until he falls asleep.

Sadly, Will had found his Grandpa who had passed away at home 6 months ago. At the time he had behaved in a calm manner. Now he says

“I’m not going to cry because I’m a big boy”

But his mood is changeable and he will slam doors and stomp around. He expresses more rage than tearfulness. His Mum tells me he takes things to heart but will not share it with anyone.

There is are some skin ailments too. He has Eczema on his legs and is prone to cold sores.

I prescribe Buddleia 1M. Buddleia is a remedy homeopaths sometimes use for a shock that has gone to the core and leaves the patient lost for words.

I see him 4 weeks later and there have a been some improvements. He is calmer and having less emotional outbursts.

We do some Emotional Freedom Technique. This is a fantastic technique to resolve past traumas that continue to have an effect on our emotional health and stress levels. It involves tapping gently on a series of points around the body whilst focusing on our issue and sits alongside homeopathy beautifully.  Whilst tapping on these points we can release blocked energy causing physical and emotional symptoms. It’s easy for children to learn and can be done in between sessions at home too.

So we start to tap on these points whilst Will talks about his fear of being upstairs. As he is expressing this fear I ask him to describe how he experiences the fear physically. I ask Will to consider the upstairs now being a safe place, how that would feel and we continue to tap. He tells me he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t feel safe upstairs. Within a few minutes as we are tapping and picturing upstairs being a safe place his expression changes suddenly and he blurts out

“Upstairs isn’t a safe place because glass can break in the middle of the night and make a loud noise.”

He and his Mum tell me about a large sheet of glass breaking in the bathroom in the middle of the night a while back. I continue tapping on him as he remembers the fear he felt in that moment. That night gave him a huge fright and for a few moments he believed there was an intruder in the house and he wasn’t safe. I seek to work without assuming anything about the patient’s experience but I wouldn’t have been surprised had the shock of finding his grandpa surfaced. Instead it was the shock of hearing the glass smash in the middle of the night that was causing his fear about going upstairs.

I prescribe Triple salts LM1which matches his physical symptoms and suppressed grief for his Grandpa. It also covers his physical symptoms and is what is often known as a constitutional remedy. When I see him 4 weeks later his Mum tells me after our EFT session Will slept for 12 hours solidly. After that he was much calmer. Also going upstairs alone and playing upstairs alone. Falling asleep more easily and less restless whilst sleeping. The eczema on his legs also cleared up and he hasn’t had any cold sore break outs.

Homeopathy and EFT sit alongside each other beautifully and without side effects. If you would like a FREE 15 minute consultation to find out how it could help you please you can book an appointment here please book under appointments.