Managing Psoriasis Without Immune Suppressants

Max had developed Guttate Psoriasis over most areas of his skin including his face. He is age 19. He and his Mum explored options offered by his consultant and they decided against starting immune suppressants as they were concerned about the side effects. Taking immune suppressants would involve testing his liver every 2 months so the risks involved were significant.Hydrocortisone cream would help to a point but given the Psoriasis was so wide spread it would be a challenge covering all areas regularly, not to mention the long term effects on his skin.

I first worked with Max a year ago. He had experienced a trauma that prompted him to review his lifestyle and friendship group and he had made some positive changes. He was also in a relationship with someone experiencing an emotional crisis and had very much adopted a supportive role. Max felt responsible for her emotional health and was putting parts of his own life on hold. Typically the teenage years are a self centred chapter of our lives when we tend to be more tuned in to our own desires and needs. Max was a teenager concerned with everyone else's happiness. I gave him a remedy called Buddleia often prescribed for ailments since experiencing a trauma and after this remedy that episode of his life felt more distant to him. After the following remedy which was what we call a often call a ‘constitutional remedy’ the patient experienced huge improvements in his skin symptoms and this continued for a year.

He has recently contacted me as his Psoriasis had come back. Not to the same extreme as before but new areas were appearing. On talking to Max he shared he had recently lost a family member who had been ill for some time. I felt this had been a trigger for the return of his Psoriasis. I prescribed the same remedy in a higher potency and there was a further good improvement.

Whilst at present Max has few physical symptoms other than Psoriasis he has a history of Strep throat as a child. This is sometimes seen in patients with Psoriasis. Strep throat was then followed by three bouts of chicken pox. Contrary to popular belief you can have chicken pox more than once,but it suggests the immune system is having to work hard to overcome the virus and develop immunity. The next remedy takes in to consideration the patient's history of Strep throat andChicken pox. I am pleased to say his skin is continuing to improve and I am hopeful this remedy will result in lasting improvements.

If you or a family member has Psoriasis I'd love to help. Immune suppressants and Hydrocortisone cream isn’t the only way to manage this condition.