Mani Norland on homeopathy

Mani Norland, Principal of the School of Homeopathy discusses how homeopathy works, his experience with it and what he would say to the critics of homeopathy.

Mani Norland grew up with homeopathy all around him and is passionate about health, homeopathy and people. His father is the well known homeopath Misha Norland. He trained with the School, and practices from his clinic at home. He took over as the Principal at the School of Homeopathy in 2009. Whilst developing and managing the School he also sustains a small practice at his home clinic in Stroud. Mani is also the Managing Director of Alternative Training, a business that manages home study courses and books. In his 'other life' he worked in London as a brand and business consultant for over 10 years. He advised board level directors on business creation, vision and image. He has experience working with leading companies including those as diverse as Sainsbury's, New Look, and KwikFit.