Molloscum contagiosum

When my son was 4 years old we noticed raised, skin coloured bumps appearing on his torso. After a couple of weeks they had spread and we took him to see our GP.  She diagnosed Molluscum Contagiosum.  The advice from the NHS is ‘do nothing’, it will disappear anytime between a couple of months and a couple of years after working its way around the body. It was January at the time, the molluscum was covered by winter clothes and not causing my son any discomfort so I followed this advice.

After a few months the spots had spread to his arms, legs, face and covered his torso. They were becoming infected because my son also had eczema and he was scratching them to relieve the itchy eczema feeling. The spots were starting to affect his self esteem as other people would comment on them. I had researched alternative methods on the internet and had tried all sorts of lotions and bath soaks suggested by other mums, unfortunately with no success.  A natural remedy was suggested on parent forums but I felt apprehensive about buying and administering a remedy from unknown companies on the internet so I decided to find a homeopath. This is when I met Kathryn.

After an initial consultation, Kathryn prescribed two remedies and after just two weeks there was an incredible result. The molluscum was starting to dry out and recede into the skin. The spots were disappearing! After just over a month there were no visible signs that the molluscum had ever been there. We could not have been happier! It took us a few months to realise that he wasn’t suffering with eczema anymore either. His skin sensitivity had completely changed. This was two years ago now and my son is still molluscum and eczema free. An incredible cure after just two homeopathic sessions with Kathryn. I would highly recommend the work she carries out and have tapped into her services many times since my son’s treatment.