My hands burn and itch at night

This patient has experienced this skin condition every few years over the past 20 years. When she has a flare up she has tried all sorts of things including Chinese herbs but it's a stubborn condition and takes a while to improve.
She recently tried hydrocortisone creams on her hands which suppressed the condition initially but then it moved up her arms. She doesn't take any other medications and has what I perceive as a strong vital force. So although the cortisone cream suppressed the condition on her hands, her vital force had the energy to continue expressing the imbalance on the skin on her arms.
Her symptoms were extreme itchiness and burning in the middle of the night, a feeling of tenderness and tightness from the swelling and a yellow discharge. She also said when she wakes in the middle of the night the thing that gives her most relief from the itching and burning is to immerse her hands in hot water, as hot as she can bare it. Lots of her symptoms matched those of Rhus tox and hot itchy skin ailments that feel better from very hot water is a keynote of Rhus tox. I asked her to take Rhus tox 30 which gave some relief but the heat and itching returned. She then collected Rhus tox 200, took one dose and the effect was dramatic. There has been no further burning or itching and this is the photo 7 days later.  
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