"My son vomits every morning"

I see lots of children in my practice. Meet Carl. He is 4 years old.  A friendly, curious boy who wants to talk to me. He is of a slight build and I notice his sparkly eyes and long eyelashes. 

Carl and his mum have come to see me because he has had reflux since a small infant and regularly coughs in the night until he vomits. He has been taking a combination of Omeprazole which is an anti acid medication and 2 asthma inhalers daily since age 2. 

When these medications stop working his GP increases the dose. More recently Carl rarely vomits during the night, but vomits in the morning. Since taking these medications his mouth stings and his breath smells acidic.

On waking the first question he asks is “Am I going to nursery today ?” Then he vomits. He rarely complains of a stomach ache but burps all through the day.

When  he wakes during the night, he always asks if he is going to nursery.

His mum tells me if we tell Carl he is going some where, he doesn’t eat for three days before and goes very quiet.  This is surprising to me because he is bright eyed, happy and keen to engage with me. He doesn’t appear nervous. So he is sociable but can feel  anxious.

It is apparent that as well well as having a long standing digestive weakness, there is an emotional aspect to his condition too. After asking lots of questions about his general health, I start to consider remedies that would help Carl.  He appears engrossed in my toy box but joins in with our conversation every now and then. 

I prescribe a bowel nosode which is a remedy that suits his digestive complaints, and a remedy called Phosphorus to take once a week. Phosphorus is a remedy that matches all his symptoms including his nature. Adults and children needing Phosphorus are very engaging and sociable even when they can  often feel anxious and shy inside. They have a strong desire to feel a connection with others and can be social butterflies. 

I see Carl 4 weeks later. Mum tells me Carl is no longer vomiting in the morning  She has not needed to use Omeprazole, there is no acidic smell from his mouth and his tongue is less yellow.

He is also less anxious about nursery and no longer clenching his fists.  His bowel movements have improved and he has a bigger appetite. He is only using one of his inhalers.

I am happy with his progress and so is his mum.

It seems that although there is an improvement in his stools there is more we can do to support his digestive system.  His  mum has given him a probiotic to help with these symptoms  but it seems the antibiotics may still be effecting his health.

Carl has had 3-4 lots of Amoxicillin, a penicillin type of antibiotic as a baby. 

Whilst antibiotics can be life saving drugs they also destroy vital gut bacteria that are essential to our over all health. Medications leave a toxic residue in our bodies that can cause other symptoms. It is interesting to note nausea and vomiting are listed side effects of this particular drug. The very symptoms we are treating. Often digestive complaints and other symptoms don’t completely resolve until we clear the effects of the antibiotics. So I give Carl Amoxicillin in homeopathic potency to detox the effects of this antibiotic. One pill to be taken twice a week. In homeopathy ‘like cures like”  This means by giving a drug back in homeopathic potency it is possible to cure the side effects of the original drug. This may seem like a strange concept to some but it's a very effective way of resolving seemingly stubborn symptoms since that particular medication.

I see Carl 4 weeks later and there has been a further improvement in all his symptoms after detoxing the antibiotic. I continue to see Carl periodically for hay fever and travel sickness and I’m pleased to see him growing up happy and healthy.