Post Natal Depression

When the ‘Baby Blues’ last more than a few weeks Homeopathy offers safe and effective solutions. These medicines have no side effects and you cannot become addicted to them and so are a excellent option during pregnancy, the first year and onwards. Many women find Homeopathy to be a great source of physical and emotional support during this chapter of their lives. Fluctuations in our hormones, broken sleep and adjusting to our new life can present us with challenges that may have us wondering weather we will ever feel like ourself again. The beauty of homeopathy is that the person’s emotions are an important part of their symptoms. These emotional and mental symptoms will often lead me to the remedy that will address the person’s constipation, mastitis or what ever physical condition they are experiencing also. The person’s feelings are always given great consideration when prescribing a homeopathic remedy. Whilst common feelings associated with Post Natal Depression include feelings of isolation, exhaustion and mood swings, it can also pose questions such as “How is everyone else coping so well ?” and this can lead to feelings of inadequacy. It is my aim to help you return to a good state of physical and emotional health so you can be the Mum you want to be and enjoy all those precious moments that the first year bring.I have hundreds of homeopathic medicines and I feel confident one or two of them will have an affinity with how you may be feeling right now. You may have had a traumatic birth experience which left you in a state of shock and are since experiencing a sense of disconnection. Here the remedies Aconite or Op could be useful as they are able to bring us back to the present moment. These are only two of the remedies used for ‘Ailments from shock’. They help us to gently process frightening experiences so we can readily engage with all that is now. Or you could be feeling doubtful or anxious about feeding struggles and can't sleep for worrying about your baby getting enough milk. Or are you experiencing a complex bag of emotion you can’t make head or tail of ? 

Bring whatever you are feeling to me and our consultation, I won’t be shocked and will be led by you and your symptoms and 3 large cases of homeopathic medicines. There is plenty of tea and tissues on hand when needed. If you think I can help you or someone you love please contact me for a free 15 minute Skype consultation.