School Anxiety

William is age 11 and hates school. His mum is seeking my help because he is having at least one panic attack a week and is now refusing to go.  He feels anxious about leaving his mum and she wants to do everything she can to support him.

I meet him for the first time. I sense William’s wariness and he is reluctant to answer my questions. He tells me one of the reasons he doesn’t want to go to school is he is terrified something could happen to his mum. Something tragic.

‘She could be blown up, or be in a car crash or eaten by dinosaurs.’

His earliest memory of these fears is at nursery when the separation anxiety first started.

I ask him what part of school is hardest for him. He tells me

‘There are too many people and it’s too noisy’  

He has friends at school but tells me he experiences a feeling of being on the outside looking in.

His teachers are happy with his progress and tell his mum ‘William gets on with everyone’

Despite often feeling anxious when his mum is not around he attends a couple of athletic clubs and is a scout which he enjoys.

But his anxiety before school is having an impact on the family and it’s getting worse.

William also has several food allergies and suffers with stomach aches and digestive disturbances regularly. Especially when he is anxious or hungry. His sinuses are also often congested. These are all symptoms that inform my remedy choice.

I prescribe a remedy called Lycopodium as it suits his symptoms and personality traits.

Our follow up is 3 weeks later. His mum tells me there have been some improvements. He is having less panic attacks and engaging more at home with his siblings. She feels there has been an improvement.

We repeat the remedy in a higher potency and when I see him 4 weeks later he has had no further panic attacks.  He is no longer having thoughts about something tragic happening to his mum and his mood is brighter.

I see William for a couple more appointments to support his physical health and his confidence continues to improve.

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