Silent Reflux

One of the things I love about my job is I get to meet lots of babies. The single most common reason parents bring their babies to me is Silent Reflux and Homeopathy offers fast relief.

My most recent patient with this condition is Tom. Tom is 5 months old and used be awake every hour most nights. He would cry and groan all night and the only thing to give him some relief was being held upright. Throughout the day he was posseting continuously, grumbling  a lot  and a couple of times a week he would bring up a whole feed.  Tom’s tummy looked and felt hard and his nappies could be explosive, especially  first thing in the morning.  He was a hot baby and often had hiccups.

6 sachets of Gaviscon a day were not helping Tom and his Mum tells me massage and warm baths give him the most relief.  

Despite being uncomfortable a lot of the time, I notice Tom is a strong fella, bright eyed and a good size. He is also flushed and has a rash  around his mouth.

Homeopathy treats the whole person and recognises symptoms as a sign of an imbalance. Based on the unique symptoms of the person, 1 or 2  homeopathic medicines are selected. These medicines have no toxic side effects and you cannot become addicted to them so they are a very safe option for your baby.

I choose a remedy called Sulphur for Tom.  This remedy suits his symptoms and his other characteristics well and he and his mother leave with a little bottle  of tiny pills and guidelines for taking the remedy. I also give them some homeopathic tissue salts to support the action of the remedy.

Four weeks later I see this little chap and his Mum again. Tom is sleeping much more soundly, contented throughout the day and Mum is giving him just half of 1 sachet of Gaviscon only before his night time feed. This is music to my ears. He is less flushed, the rash around his mouth has gone and his tummy is a lot softer. Tom’s symptom picture has changed and I give him a give him a different remedy that  continues to support his digestion called Nux vomica and some more tissue salts.

Sometimes I see babies with silent reflux but their symptoms are quite different to Tom’s. So it may be that another  baby with reflux is not gaining weight. His chest is might be rattly and full of  phlegm he is not able to expel and he is chilly with sweaty feet. He may move his bowels every couple of days. Silicea is a homeopathic remedy that this baby would do well on. Whatever symptoms your baby is experiencing there will be a remedy that suits him and brings him lasting relief.

If only I had tried Homeopathy when my baby had Reflux.