The Best Time To Treat Hay fever

January and February - The best time to prevent Hay fever in the coming months.

So for most people who have Hay fever, thoughts of swollen eyes and and an unbearably itchy nose and throat feel like just a distant memory during these winter months.  These summer  symptoms probably couldn’t be further from your mind during the dark winter days.  January and February are often months when we are considering other aspects of our health such as a post Christmas detox, a new fitness programme and hold aspirations to improve our lives in some small or major way.

It's also the best time to treat Hay fever.

This is the season I tend to see lots of patients with ear infections, tonsillitis, flu and post viral syndrome and homeopathy is excellent for treating all of those conditions. But it is also the best time to do a Hay fever prevention treatment. This is because during the winter months, whilst you are not experiencing the acute symptoms of Hay fever and your mucous membranes are not in a heightened state of sensitivity we can treat the deeper layer of your health more easily. Working on this level, is the kind of homeopathy that can transform your health so you become more resistant to all sorts of external factors. When you come for treatment during the summer months, and are experiencing intense Hay fever symptoms, there is plenty I can do to make you feel better but it’s like fire fighting.  You tell me what your symptoms are, how you experience them, and I select a couple of remedies that will give you relief. This acute treatment is comparable to a safe and natural anti histamine. One that doesn't contain any chemicals. But preventative treatment is getting to the root cause by removing your susceptibility to Hay fever so you don't get the symptoms in the first place.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding homeopathy can offer you a safe solution so you can enjoy a symptom free summer. May be you have a special outdoors event to attend this summer or you work outdoors and are looking for a better way to manage this condition ? If so, please do get in touch so I can answer any question you might have so you can be free of symptoms this summer.