The Boy Who Was Scared Of Storms

The Boy Who Was Scared Of Storms

I have a brief chat with Adrian’s Mum before meeting him. This is useful for me to understand if I can help and for the parent to share some of what is going on away from little ears.

Adrian is 10 years old. He is strong and solid looking and tells me he plays in a football team. He likes reading, technology and maths. He is bright and hard working at school. 

He is also petrified of storms. I meet Adrian for the first time in the autumn and the weather is mostly rainy. He checks the weather forecast at least three times a day on his iPad. He watches the sky regularly during the day for dark clouds and notes the direction of the wind. If he believes there is a storm coming he closes all the windows, gets under the duvet, covers his head and his legs will literally shake. He wears ear defenders every night to bed incase there is a storm and he can struggle to fall asleep for thinking there may be a storm looming.

He has had this fear after witnessing a storm at his childminder’s when he was three. But this anxiety and fascination about storms is at an all time high since losing his Nana several months ago. He fights back the tears as he remembers her and so does his Mum. It’s been a difficult time for them all and they miss her.

During his first consultation he talks about his first experience of a storm. He recalls the memory in vivid detail and I sense his remaining fear.

He tells me “I thought I was going to die.” 

“I just lay there crying and trying to survive”

I prescribe Aconite one of our biggest shock remedies. Three tiny pills to be taken over 3 days and some homeopathic drops to support his physical health.

I see him a few weeks later.  Adrian’s Mum says he seems less fearful but is still checking the weather on his iPad.

I prescribe Aconite in a higher potency and some more homeopathic drops.

When I see Adrian next, his Mum has noticed an improvement and he appears less fearful when he talks about the weather and storms to me. He shares some interesting facts about storms and his knowledge is impressive. His mum tells me he is calmer but still checking the weather forecast.

I ask him if there are any other things he likes to check or have in order and he tells me about his bedroom. He likes his toys lined up in a particular way around his bed.  

I give him a remedy called Arsenicum. This is a useful remedy for anxious, checking behaviour. Patients needing Arsenicum are well organised planners and need all the ducks in a line to feel safe and well. 

I see Adrian a few weeks later. 

He is checking the weather forecast much less now, not looking at the sky as much and 

 generally less anxious.

I give him more Arsenicum in a higher potency.

When I see Adrian a few weeks later he doesn’t mention the weather and he isn’t wearing his ear defenders to bed anymore. 

He tells me about his recent holiday and seems upbeat. His mum tells me she feels he often takes things to heart and will sulk for a while after arguing about something minor with his brother.  I ask him if he finds his thoughts drifting to memories of his Nana when this happens and he starts to cry. I feel my heart swell with empathy. Anyone who has loved and lost someone important understands how that feels.  

I give Adrian a remedy called Nat mur.  Nat mur is one of our most widely used homeopathic remedies and can be helpful in resolving suppressed grief and mending broken hearts. 

Nat mur was the first homeopathic remedy I was prescribed and it gave me a taste of everything homeopathy has to offer.

After this remedy his Mum said he seemed much happier. Of course he still missed his Nana, they all did. But he was no longer feeling anxious about the weather, and less inclined to dwell on disagreements.  

As I write this, I can hear the splatter of rain on the window and thunder in the distance. And wonder how Adrian is feeling. 

After his Mum tells me he was playing out in the street with his friends. On hearing the thunder he simply said “Shall we go inside now ?”

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