Treating acute Hay fever symptoms


Inflamed eyes.  Extreme irritation, burning and itching.

Light sensitive and constant blinking

Bland nasal discharge but profuse, burning tears.

Intense sneezing

Worse in the morning and for warm breezes

Constant tickling cough and sore throat.

Allium cepa

Abundant watery nasal discharge

Discharge may burn the skin

Violent sneezing

Nose may be blocked and swollen

Better open air


Burning watery discharge, blocked nose

Sneezing in the morning

Burning pains in nose, eyes and throat may feel better from hot drinks

Restless and anxious with symptoms

Nat mur

Abundant nasal discharge. “Like egg white”

Tears worsen being outside and  for being in wind or sun

Chapped lips and dry skin.

Irritable and sensitive

Nux Vomica

Terrible sneezing and fluent nasal discharge the morning and on rising

Dry, raw obstruction at night

Symptoms worse morning, after eating and open air

Tendency to rub nose with flat of palm

Quick to anger and impatient


Fluent bland nasal discharge

Awful itching better cold applications

Worse heat of any type, food, bed and sun


Tremendous sneezes. One after the other.

Constant tingling and itchy inside nose

Better for heat and warm drinks

Watery nasal discharge

Burning and redness of eyes

Dry cough