What To Do When Antibiotics Don't Work ?

When Antibiotics Don’t Work

I sometimes see children and adults who get repeated infections. These might be ear infections, sinusitis, chest infections or conjunctivitis. Some patients have had many courses of antibiotics but continue  to develop a particular set of symptoms.

The case below is of a little  girl I saw some years ago. Her name has been changed to protect her identity and permission sought to share her story.

Amelia had been suffering repeatedly with Tonsillitis and fevers. Her tonsils would become enlarged and coated in pus with small crypts and it was painful for her to swallow.  She had had several lots of antibiotics but she no sooner got over one bout and she would come down with another. During the winter period Amelia was experiencing these symptoms every couple of weeks and the school were monitoring her attendance. Her mum felt she was running out of ideas of how to resolve her Tonsillitis.  

Her doctor suspected Glandular Fever but the test was negative.

Amelia’s Mum tells me she is exhausted a lot of the time and doesn’t have the energy to enjoy her usual activities.  Her Mum tells me

“It’s the routine of school that she finds so exhausting.’’  “Especially the emotional part.”

At school Amelia had been pushed out of her friendship group at school by a girl who then went on to taunt her verbally and would physically hurt her also when nobody was watching. This had been going on for over a year and wasn't being effectively managed at school.  Her Mother said this experience had undermined Amelia’s confidence. On asking her Mum how Amelia copes with being bullied at school she said  “She endures it gracefully”  

I gave her  3 pills to be taken over 2 days. The remedy prescribed was chosen based on her emotional state too.

I saw Amelia 1 month later. I notice that Amelia is very chatty and her speech sounds less muffled. Her tonsils are no longer hurting and although they still had crypts on them, they were less inflamed.  Her glands don't feel as hard now but are lumpy and she looks brighter in her face.

Her Mum tells me Amelia took the remedy and immediately started to talk at length about her experience of being bullied at school.  Before she would acknowledge the situation but didn't talk about it because it was too painful. She isn't as exhausted by the end of the day but still hasn't regained normal energy levels.  

We repeat the same remedy in a higher potency.

I see Amelia 1 month later. She doesn’t have any of her previous  symptoms and her physical energy has continued to improve. I ask her how she feels about not being able to play with her friends. She tells me it doesn’t bother her and she no longer wants to play with them.

Amelia did have other throat symptoms later on in the year and was given other remedies but generally her health was improving and she didn’t need further antibiotics.  

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